Frequently asked questions:

Is Axe throwing safe?

Yes! With proper throwing technique, following the rules provided, and being aware of surroundings. Axe throwing isn’t only safe but very fun and addicting once you start sticking the targets like the pros.

What is total size of mobile trailer and target lanes?

Trailer dimensions are 18′ Length x 8′ Wide, ramp in rear is 5′ once extended, plus hitch area and truck. Everything is made to World Axe Throwing League (WATL) standards. Each lane is 4′ wide with a 12′ steel divider to protect others from getting their axe from targets. Overall Trailer height once standing in unit is 8′.

Can someone get hurt axe throwing?

In rare cases yes. Axe throwing injuries occur when you use improper throwing technique (Throwing to hard like pitching a fastball, attempting trick shots, etc). Not following the rules provided can cause harm to self or others (improper axe handling, and paying attention to surroundings)

What are hours of operation and any legal restrictions?

Trailer rental will be available everyday after noon, Work phone can be contacted at any time, texting is also available any time with questions. Age limit for use is 15 years and up. Rules of the trailer is posted on the website.

How far will you travel?

Price subject to change for any location past 50 miles from our storage location in SW Ranches. Call or text with any questions regarding bookings. 

Are there any limits for amount of people per event?

There is no limit for amount of people per event. Price for rental is based off hourly time limit.